Finally, scheduling that’s easy and powerful

Hassle free mobile workforce scheduling built for the field and loved by your entire team.

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Create and Schedule new jobs with ease

Manage jobs and schedule work orders, appointments, and services.

Allocate resources based on matching needs

Identify the best workers based on skill sets, certifications, availability, and more.

Dispatch work on the fly

Assign jobs and notify your workers in the field automatically—and hear back in real-time.

Introduce paperless workflows to simplify day-to-day processes.

Eliminate clipboards, messy whiteboards, paper stacks, and spreadsheets.

Create new jobs and appointments on the fly

Easily queue jobs to match your daily scheduling needs or configure Skedulo to automatically optimize, assign, and allocate your workers based on your key job requirements.

Set up single or recurring appointments to manage ongoing customer appointments with automated and intelligent scheduling.

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Accurately understand the availability and capacity of your team

Understand the true availability of your team by combining recurring daily or weekly availability, business activities like meetings or preparation, travel time, and anything else that contributes to the availability of your mobile workforce — whether they’re full time, part time, or 1099 contractors.

Top level insights
Optimize travel routes

Optimize travel routes for efficient and cost-effective workdays

Drive business efficiency by automatically optimizing or suggesting the best routes for an individual, or group of workers servicing one or many jobs in a day. Configure travel routes to minimize overall travel distance and cost, or balance the workload across your team.

Optimize travel routes

Get top level insight into daily work performance

Make informed decisions based on worker utilization, capacity, and capabilities. Report and analyze the metrics that are important to your business, your workers, and your customers.

With visual resource mapping, real-time location tracking, and live travel updates you can easily see how your mobile workforce is performing each day.

Top level insights

Simplify scheduling with drag and drop capability

Use our easy drag and drop features to allocate your jobs into booking timeslots, insightful calendar views, and Gantt swim lanes -- directly from Salesforce CRM. Easily assign jobs from sales, customer service cases or other points in your service workflow.

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Notify and communicate with your field team in real-time

Notify your workers of new jobs and appointments and keep them up to date with SMS, push, and email notifications for any iOS or Android mobile device.

Scheduling decisions

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